Pepper Panic Saga Cheats and Tips

These Pepper Panic Saga cheats, tips, and hints will help you beat all levels of Pepper Panic by for Facebook.

How to Play Pepper Panic Saga

  1. Match 3 or more peppers of the same color to make the pepper grow bigger.
  2. Combine the bigger pepper with 3 or more peppers again to make the pepper grow even bigger.
  3. When a pepper grows to its biggest potential after three matches it will explode and clear off your board.
  4. If you combine 4 peppers in a row it will clear all the small peppers in that row or column.
  5. If you combine 5 peppers in a row it will clear all the small peppers in that row or column and it will grow all the peppers of the same color by 1 stage.
  6. If you match 5 peppers in the shape of an L or T then it will grow all the peppers in that row and column.
  7. You will make a Pepper Panic if you explode 10 peppers in a row.
  8. When you explode 1 pepper, it grows all the peppers of the same color on the board by 1 stage.


Pepper Panic Saga Goals

Each level of Pepper Panic Saga has a different goal. Here are some of the goals that you must complete in order to pass a level of Pepper Panic.

  • Explode a certain amount of peppers before you run out of moves. Peppers will explode after they have been matched 3 times and get really big.
  • Make a certain number of Pepper Panics by exploding 10 peppers in a row the needed amount of times.
  • Clear a certain number of peppers of each color. There are 5 different colors of peppers.
  • Create a pattern to clear the target. Patterns can include 4 peppers in a row, 3 green peppers, 3 orange peppers, etc.
  • Explode some peppers, clear peppers, and create Pepper Panics.

Pepper Panic Saga Boosters

You can purchase Boosters in Pepper Panic Saga to help you beat some of the levels.  Here are the different types of Boosters available in the game.

  • Flame Grower Booster grows a pepper by 3 stages.
  • The Pepper Net protects peppers from Mister Claws.
    • Mister Claws will steal your peppers in the row that he has his claws on. Mister Claws steals the big peppers in the row, so make sure you don’t put any big peppers in his path.
  • The Flameburst Pepper Booster grows all peppers of the same color you switch it with.

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